Go! YouTube Snagger
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Go! YouTube Snagger is a free application to download videos from YouTube. Download Go! YouTube Snagger and choose the quality of the videos you download


An easy way to download videos from YouTube

May 31, 2011
7 / 10

Go! YouTube Snagger offers a quick and simple way to download any video from YouTube, and does so with an added value: you will be able to choose with which quality you want to download the video. On YouTube there are videos available with different qualities, and even each day you will have to find content in high definition. YouTube Snagger will allow you to choose the quality of the video that you want, as long as it is available.

Download any video from YouTube

Using Go! YouTube Snagger is very easy and quick. You only have to include the video URL address. The application allows us to verify the video to know if it is available. Afterward, you can choose the quality and size at which it will download. If you choose a size that isn't available, Go! YouTube Snagger will let you know. Once you have all the videos in the download list, all you will have to do is hit the Download videos button, and it will start the download.

Go! YouTube Snagger also allows us to see the information of the videos that you download, like its size, resolution and the web it comes from. Another useful function that Go! YouTube Snagger is to be able to see the miniature of the video to check the quality.

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